A PSO–ROOZ krémsampon a fejbőr legteljesebb regenerálója. Gyengéden ápolja a hámló, pikkelyes fejbőrt.

PSO-ROOZ Creme Shampoo 75 ml

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Product Description

Description of the Product
PSO-ROOZ Creme Shampoo

The unique qualities of the PSO-ROOZ Creme Shampoo

  • It contains only natural vegetable agents…
  • As several skin-nourishing vitamins are added to it, reduction of the forming of scales and soothing itching do not have any side effects

How to use the PSO-ROOZ Creme Shampoo?

Wash your hair with it only once a week. It should be used as any other shampoo, that is you should put such an amount of it on your hair which you can make foamy, then rub it into your scalp and leave it on for 20 seconds so that your scalp can absorb the effective agents. After that you only have to rinse your hair with plenty of water.

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