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PSO-ROOZ Skin Treatment Cream 75 ml

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Product Description

Description of the Product
PSO-ROOZ Skin Treatment Cream

  • It contains only natural vegetable effective agents…
  • As several skin-nourishing vitamins are added to the cream, reduction of the forming of scales and soothing itching do not have any side effects;
  • As the cream does not have any steroid components, it does not upset the balance of your organism;

The clinical test of PSO–ROOZ Skin Treatment Cream

A summary of the expert’s opinion on the investigation of the cream’s effect, carried out by the Clinic of Dermatology, Medical University of Debrecen:

After having tested the PSO-ROOZ product on 50 patients suffering from psoriasis it was to be ascertained that the cream reduced erythema, infiltration, itching, and the formation of scales. It did not have any harmful effect on the sound skin surrounding the skin surface to be treated. In the course of the treatment no worsening or spreading of the disease, no allergic or toxic effects had been observed. The product has a good cosmetic effect, it softens and oils the skin, reduces the formation of scales, so it can be applied on a skin surface with psoriasis either by itself, or as a complementary to other treatments, without causing damage to health.

Prof. Dr. János HUNYADI
Professor Emeritus

A clinically tested product!

How to use the PSO-ROOZ Skin Treatment Cream?

Use it two times a day. Apply it in a thin layer in the morning and in the evening on the inflamed, irritated skin surface. Before applying the cream the inflamed skin surface should always be cleaned. For that you can use a simple soap or shower gel for babies. In that case nothing will prevent the absorption of the cream.

What kinds of natural ingredients does the PSO-ROOZ Skin Treatment Cream contain?

  • Vitamins A, D3 and E
  • Wheat-germ oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Camomile oil




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