First of all, the most important thing is: should the dear Reader read about such a product or treatment which frees him from psoriasis for the rest of his life, he should not believe it. According to the present state of medicine the symptoms of psoriasis cannot be removed to the full yet. However, mitigating them is all the more possible.

How would you know that psoriasis reared its head on your skin?

In most cases psoriasis appears on such skin surfaces which can be irritated by our clothes, or maybe by sunshine.

  • This may be our elbows,
  • the knees and/or their surroundings,
  • the scalp,
  • the breasts,
  • the rugae under the abdomen,
  • the sinus of the thigh,
  • the genitals,
  • In graver cases it can attack the face, the palm, and the interior of the limbs as well.

Attention however has to be paid to the fact that simple exanthema might as well cover these parts of our body due to different kinds of irritations (e.g. the rubbing of the inside of the thighs against one another).

Psoriasis can best be indentified at once by the wax-white, thick, scaly sloughs.

In their state without neopathy these sloughs are dry, otherwise they are purulent.

How to treat the symptoms of psoriasis?

I am sorry that I have to write it down again, but, for the time being, this bothersome disease cannot be removed to the full. However, making it become almost invisible is possible.

It is worth using such an ointment which can solubilise and unstuck excrescent horny scales. Scraping and picking off the sloughs leads to no good. What remains under will only be a bloody scar, and what is more: psoriasis will soon re-appear on the very same skin-surface.

Those are the good ointments which, besides solubilising and unstucking the scales, are able to get such agents into the organism which lessen the chance of the formation of new epidermoid.

Though the creams containing steroids do away with the existing sloughs quickly, the malady recrudesces with astonishing rapidity.

It should also be considered to use such a cream which does not leave stains on the clothes, as these ointments are really effective only in case the ointment is applied on the sloughs 3 times a day.

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