Our heart should be imagined as something like the engines of an aeroplane. If one of them goes wrong, it takes much more effort to keep the aeroplane up in the air. If part of our heart becomes devitalized, its performance abates, it will not be able to pump enough oxygen for our body, due to which we will feel weaker, more vulnerable.

Though everybody knows he is in danger, it is only a few who do something against it

Presently in Hungary more than half of all deaths can be blamed on cardio-vascular diseases. That is we lose every second of our fellow countrymen because of that.

This statistics is all the more painful because we are very well aware that with a little change in our way of life we could help the work of our heart, but still we do not do anything. This is something like if we had been swimming in the middle of the Ocean, when a rescue ship arrives to pick us up, but we do not accept the help. The ship leaves, and we stay there alone, and in the course of time by-and-by we sink.

Where does prevention begin?

Dear Reader, no matter we take the most expensive medicines in vogue, if we do not give up smoking, if we keep eating greasy, heavy, rich food, if we do not exercise at all, our heart will fail in the course of time anyway.

This is exactly why any medicine, natural food-supplement product is worth anything only in case we are able to change our way of life.

What does exactly happen around our heart?

Stress, greasy food, weekdays lacking exercise, smoking slowly raise our HDL level. For some time our organism fights the changes, but then one day the balance is turned, and the unpleasant symptoms appear:

  • Dinus;
  • Pain in the chest;
  • Fatigability;
  • Hampered respiration;
  • Bad physical condition;

This is due to…

  1. First cholesterol and other harmful materials settle on the vein walls.
  2. This makes the vein walls thicken.
  3. With this the run of blood is literally blocked.
  4. Blood cannot deliver enough oxygen within the body.
  5. Later on the thickened vein wall might as well flaw.
  6. Thrombocytes deposit on it.
  7. Thus it totally blocks the run of blood and together with it that of oxygen.
  8. And eventually stroke occurs.

I am sorry that I cannot present you such a cure-all which, if you take it, you do not need to regularly exercise, dine properly, and avoid cigarette and stress. As an example a food-supplement product is able to strengthen your organism, fill it with energy, but to create healthy life it is You yourself who the best medicine is.

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