Aug 02.
Címkék: cukorbetegség and diabetes.

So you say one cannot live a complete life with diabetes? Do You know the story of Matthias Steiner? The German weight-lifter was diagnosed with diabetes in 2000. Eight years before he became Olympic Champion. One can say, of course, that with such a background which helps a first-rate sportsman is easy. However, even with a smaller scale change in our way of life we can improve a lot on the way we feel.

The first foe: excess weight

Each organism needs energy. However it is not all the same how much energy, as human organism does not work like an air-conditioning appliance which we can keep adjusting at our own pleasure. If we take in more energy than necessary we will be neither quicker, nor stronger or skilful. Actually, rather the opposite of these will occur.

  • So, if as a diabetic you struggle with excess weight, the first aim you should keep in mind is to achieve your ideal weight.
  • Once your weight is ideal, you should strive at keeping it.

It is however also important that fasting, low energy diets are extremely dangerous for a diabetic. So do not want to get rid of 30 kilos within a month.

What should you pay attention to, if you come across with the ingredient of a foodstuff?

Whether or not we put on weight mostly depends on the calory value of the foodstuff. However, since diabetes is in essence the disorder of the carbohydrate metabolism of our organism, great attention should be paid to the carbohydrate content of foodstuff.

As it is the carbohydrates that raise blood sugar level during eating. This is when pancreas steps in, as it produces insulin and passes the sugar from the blood to the cells. Unless we are diabetics. Because in that case the pancreas is able to produce only little insulin, the cells do not receive sugar, so we can say they remain hungry.

Make a food test!

This is why you should reckon with the carbohydrate content of foodstuff, and the fact to what extent does it raise your blood sugar level. However, most foodstuff raise the blood sugar level of two persons in a completely different way. So it is you yourself who first should test in small servings what effects do certain foodstuff containing carbohydrate bring about in you. After that you will know what are the food that you can safely eat and what are those worth avoiding.

A PIECE OF GOOD ADVICE: Draw two columns in an exercise-book. Write in one column the names of those food which you can consume, and into the other column those which you should avoid.

And pay attention: if you are served such a food which you do not know, first eat only a small amount so as to be able to have time to observe what effects of its ingredients have on you.

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