First of all, the most important thing is: should the dear Reader read about such a product or treatment which frees him from psoriasis for the rest of his life, he should not believe it. According to the present state of medicine the symptoms of psoriasis cannot be removed to the full yet. However, mitigating them is all the more possible.

How would you know that psoriasis reared its head on your skin?

In most cases psoriasis appears on such skin surfaces which can be irritated by our clothes, or maybe by sunshine.

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Our heart should be imagined as something like the engines of an aeroplane. If one of them goes wrong, it takes much more effort to keep the aeroplane up in the air. If part of our heart becomes devitalized, its performance abates, it will not be able to pump enough oxygen for our body, due to which we will feel weaker, more vulnerable.

Though everybody knows he is in danger, it is only a few who do something against it

Presently in Hungary more than half of all deaths can be blamed on cardio-vascular diseases. That is we lose every second of our fellow countrymen because of that.

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Aug 02.
Címkék: cukorbetegség and diabetes.

So you say one cannot live a complete life with diabetes? Do You know the story of Matthias Steiner? The German weight-lifter was diagnosed with diabetes in 2000. Eight years before he became Olympic Champion. One can say, of course, that with such a background which helps a first-rate sportsman is easy. However, even with a smaller scale change in our way of life we can improve a lot on the way we feel.

The first foe: excess weight

Each organism needs energy. However it is not all the same how much energy, as human organism does not work like an air-conditioning appliance which we can keep adjusting at our own pleasure. If we take in more energy than necessary we will be neither quicker, nor stronger or skilful. Actually, rather the opposite of these will occur.

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