A few words about the activity of PROPHARMATECH® Research and Development Company

With its expertise our Company tries to help Hungarian people in two main ways: medical research and technical innovation.

Our medical research and our products cover primarily:

In addition to these, in the course of our research protection against various environmental impacts and prevention of diseases caused by them are of high priority.

Moreover, stressed attention is paid to reducing the harms of smoking (sclerosis, cerebral blood-vessel catastrophe – stroke, heart attack).

Our speciality

The reason why the Research and Development Laboratory of PROPHARMATECH® special in Hungary in our days is that our products are developed based on such, harmless vegetable effective agents, registered in the pharmacopoeia, which can be applied in everyday use without any side effects. Among our developments there are such products which are used on all 5 continents of the world to ease various symptoms.

Our Company achieved matchless results in solving the given problem through exploring areas not known by present-day science yet, and discovering the inherent potentials.

Our products contain the highest quality vegetable effective agents in the most effective concentration.